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RK Reeves & Associates’ Projects Archive

Below is a list of successful project completions.

Technical Services & Engineer Support

DeKalb County (GA) Professional Engineering Services for Mountain Industrial Lift Station and Force Main (2016) – Reeves provided an engineer Inspector for capital improvements and replacement of pipelines and pumping facilities on this project under subcontract with R2T, Inc.

Atlanta City Department of Watershed Management (2016) Linear Assets Inspection Project – Reeves provided an engineer to conduct a linear asset inspection of the Georgia Dome/Mercedes-Benz Stadium stormwater and watershed infrastructure installation under subcontract with Jacobs Engineering.

Atlanta City Government- Professional Engineering Services (2019) – Under subcontract with R2T, provided CAD services for a number of design projects.

DeKalb County (GA) Easement Assessment Project (2017) – Reeves provided a survey team to verify easement lay-outs in selected basins and developed reports and recommendations to address identified discrepancies.  Work was done under subcontract with R2T, Inc.

DeKalb County (GA) Stream Inventory ProjectProfessional Engineering Services for Department of Watershed Management (2013-2018) – Reeves performed stream inventory of the Snapfinger Creek Watershed in DeKalb County under subcontract to Brown and Caldwell.  Work consisted of walking stream segments, assisting in collecting field data, including field parameters for stream conditions, documenting stream conditions, taking pictures and assisting with specific field measurements. 

DeKalb County (GA) On-Call Engineering Project for the Consent Decree – (2017-2019) – Reeves provided an engineer to conduct CCTV reviews; a trainer to provide support to an Engineer who conducted and presented a water assessment audit training session for the DeKalb County Watershed employees.  Reeves also provided a PE who conducted design updates and reviews and CCTV and CAD reviews for Black & Veatch on a task order for the County’s PSARP 5 Project.  Reeves also provided the services of a CAD specialist and two Engineer Technicians who conducted site visits to assess and report the condition of pipes.

Federal Projects (Selected)

U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Advisory Committee on Reactor Safeguards (ACRS) Project (2009-2015) – Reeves & Associates provided Engineers who are Subject Matter Experts in a variety of engineering disciplines to conduct evaluations and compile reports of findings on a range of specialized topics at Safety Committee meetings for ACRS.   Reeves & Associates coordinated logistics for the Annual All Hands on Deck strategic planning meeting of NRC/ACRS staff; arranged presentations by speakers such as safety experts; and provided on-site facilitation of planning sessions.

Kansas City Army Corps of Engineers & Geospatial Intelligence Agency (St. Louis Missouri)-Construction Project (2016-2019) – Reeves & Associates was awarded a contract to provide consulting and professional partnering workshop facilitation services for the N2W Integrated Program Office in addition to serving in an advisory role to the IPO on an as needed basis, using experienced Engineers. Tasks included planning turnkey ready partnering workshops that involve gathering specific feedback through one-on-one interviews with IPO Team members and the Senior Leadership Team on challenges that need to be resolved; utilizing feedback to pinpoint the focus of partnering workshops; planning workshop agendas in collaboration with the Contracting Officer Representative (COR) and Project Manager; developing workshop content and group problem solving strategies/processes; creating and administering partner teaming evaluation tools and facilitating on-site partnering workshops.  Reeves & Associates handled the logistics for three meetings and compiled reports of findings with recommendations for problem resolution and next steps.  An Engineer member of our team also created a risk resolution/escalation model for the IPO Team.

Savannah Army Corps of Engineers & Ft. Gordon – Construction Projects (2015) – Reeves & Associates was contracted to facilitate a partnering meeting between the Savannah District US Army Corps of Engineers and the Department of Public Works (DPW) Fort Gordon, GA.  The objective of the partnering session was to foster working relationships among the various organizations involved in the execution of the Fort Gordon design and construction program.  The Savannah District Corps of Engineers and the Fort Gordon DPW were tasked with exploring ways to form a harmonious partnership for effective exchange of information and establishment of cooperative processes to be used throughout the life of the design and construction program at Fort Gordon (valued at more than $1Billion).  The partnership was requested to draw on the strengths of each organization in an effort to achieve quality projects, done right the first time, within budget, and on schedule. In order to meet the overall objective of the partnering session, facilitation support services provided by Reeves & Associates unfolded in three phases that reflected three major tasks:  confidential interviews with partners at both sites to determine the focus of the partnering meeting agenda; on-site facilitation of partnering meeting; and compilation of meeting proceedings with identified needs and solutions.

Inspection and Assessment

Fulton County (GA) Stream Walks Monitoring Project (2014-2017) – Reeves provided a field inspector to serve on the stream walk team under subcontract to R2T, Inc.  The team conducted biological and chemical stream sampling.

Construction Management Inspection

DeKalb County (GA) City of Clarkston Streetscape Linear Assets Relocation Project (2017-2018) – Under subcontract with Gresham Smith Partners, Reeves provided inspectors for excavation and linear assets relocation in support of the City of Clarkston’s Streetscape Project.

Inspection –Carbon Monoxide

Atlanta City Department of Watershed Management (2013-2014) Carbon Monoxide Monitor Inspections & Installation Project The objective of this project was to determine the status of existing carbon monoxide monitors/detectors in City government buildings and identify the need for additional monitors. Under subcontract with Arcadis, Reeves provided a team of installation specialists to conduct inspections and assessments of building layouts to determine the best locations for installation of new carbon monoxide monitors and updates of existing monitors.

Inspection-Stream Water

Clayton County (GA) Jesters Creek Stream Walks Project (2011) – Reeves provided a field inspector to serve on the stream walk team under subcontract with Brown & Caldwell.  The team collected water samples that were analyzed at a water treatment plant.

GIS Mapping & Manhole Inspection

DeKalb County (GA) Manhole Inspection Project (2012-2017) – Reeves worked as a subcontractor under Brown & Caldwell to support the inspection of approximately 10,000 manholes in assigned land lots in North and South DeKalb County.  Reeves & Associates provided three, two-man crews, including a PE, for this project.   Crews used digital technology to capture and transmit data about the condition of manholes inspected.  This work was done under a Mentor-Protégé arrangement.

QA/QC & Community Outreach

DeKalb County (GA) 319-H Project (2010) – Reeves provided aerial infrared photography coordination for septic tank compliance as mandated by EPA and NPEDS; coordinated the ground truthing component of this project with the results of the aerial infrared photography; and assisted County Project Managers in providing reports verifying compliance.  Reeves also conducted community outreach activities in the impacted areas.

QA/QC & Multi-Infrastructure Inspection

DeKalb County (GA) MS-4 Project (2008-2009) The objective of this project was to obtain a 10% random sample of drainage structures in not less than 15 contiguous land lots in DeKalb County, GA for QA & QC.  Reeves’ teams were required to independently collect QA/QC data. The Project Management staff compiled periodic discrepancy reports and submitted them to the County’s Department of Roads and Drainage/GIS Mapping Division.

Inspection & Mapping

DeKalb County (GA) MS-4 Update Project (2016-Current) – Under subcontract with Atlas/Moreland Altobelli, Inc., Reeves is providing inspectors to verify stormwater and watershed nodes in selected basins in DeKalb County.

Acoustic Testing

DeKalb County (GA) Sewer Line Acoustic Testing Project (2017) – Reeves provided team members to support Woolpert’s sewer line acoustic testing efforts in selected watershed areas in DeKalb County. 

Public Information, Communications and Community Outreach

DeKalb County (GA) CIP Public Information and Community Outreach Project (2017-Current) – Under subcontract with AECOM, Reeves is providing a full-time Communications and Public Outreach Specialist who serves on the County’s Public Communication and Outreach Team in support of the County’s CIP Project services.

Garney Construction Company, DeKalb County Package 3 Sewer Rehabilitation Project under the EPA Consent Decree (2019-2020) – Reeves provided a Public Communication and Outreach Specialist and ROE team to support sewer rehabilitation and construction work throughout DeKalb County under Consent Decree Package #3.

Brown & Caldwell, DeKalb Country Engineering Services (2021-Current) – Reeves provides a Public Communication and Outreach Specialist in support of Brown and Caldwell’s siting study project in DeKalb County.

Construction Management & Linear Assets Inspections

Construction Management/Inspection Projects: – Reeves has provided and continues to provide Construction Inspectors to projects in DeKalb County under subcontract with Brown and Caldwell (2019), CERM (2018-2019), Gresham Smith (2016 –Current), Tetra Tech (2019-2020), and Benchmark (2021).

Inspection – Annual Stream and Creek Crossings

DeKalb County (GA) Stream & Creek Crossings Annual Inspection Project (2018-Current) – Reeves is providing inspection teams to conduct condition assessments of sewer lines at critical stream crossings in high priority DeKalb County basins under subcontract to River to Tap, Inc. Assessment data is entered into the County’s CityWorks database.

Inspection-Stream (and Stabilization); Community Outreach

DeKalb County (GA) Dorby Park Stream Stabilization Project (2010-2011) Reeves conducted an environmental assessment of storm water run-off and its impact on the Dorby Park Community streams. The Reeves Team prepared a proposal to stabilize stream bank erosion from run-off and was responsible for implementing stream stabilization with low impact corrective measures.  Reeves was also responsible for coordinating community education and outreach regarding assessment and remediation activities, including providing status reports.

DeKalb County (GA) – Manhole Inspection and Survey (2020) – Under subcontract with Accura Engineering, Reeves provided inspectors to verify over 500 invert depths for sanitary sewer manholes.

DeKalb County (GA) – GIS Survey and Asbuilt (2021) – Under subcontract with The Renee Group (RGI), RK Reeves provides GIS and Asbuilt support for sanitary sewer rehabilitation projects including linear rehabilitation and point repairs.  Pre-construction surveying is also performed for sanitary sewer replacement projects and sanitary sewer re-routes.

DeKalb County (GA) – GIS Support and Parcel data gathering (2020-2021) – Under subcontract with River 2 Tap, Inc., RK Reeves provides a GIS Specialist to perform, data gathering and parcel research for a project reversing sanitary sewer flows to Gwinnett Country to flow back in to DeKalb County.  The GIS Specialist works with both municipalities to compile data and information.


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