Inspection of Sanitary Sewer Stream Crossings

RK Reeves & Associates looks forward to every opportunity to protect the environment and assist local governments with their often overwhelming work load. Over the last 2 years, RK Reeves has partnered with River To Tap, Inc. (R2T) to inspect sanitary sewer stream crossings for DeKalb County Watershed Management. DeKalb County, Ga has a large sanitary sewer collection system and part of the system includes approximately 3500 sanitary sewer main stream crossings, both aerial and underground.

A critical task to maintain the sewer collection system involves inspecting these crossing on a regular basis. Over time streams erode and move, undermining support piers and manholes, uncovering pipe joints, and compromising the system. Each year the County inspects around 2000 of these crossings. Our team at RK Reeves inspects several hundred of the crossings each year.

The inspection includes visual assessment of manhole interior and exterior, pipes, piers and supports, surrounding vegetation, and stream debris. The team then prepares complete records about their findings, including photographs and any notes addressing concerns. Shawna Prescott, DWM Project Manager, leads this project and tracks the condition of each crossing. We have enjoyed working with Ms. Prescott and benefitted from her leadership on this project.

Ms. Prescott states, “The RK Reeves Team is a pleasure to work with. The Team has a strong work ethic, provides excellent results, and their integrity is above reproach.”

It is a pleasure for RK Reeves and Associates to work with DeKalb County and many other local governments. Our goal is to provide proven and cutting edge solutions, and partner with local governments to maintain, improve, and rehabilitate critical infrastructure.


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