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RK Reeves & Associates Inc. and Fleaux Solution Inc. Announce Partnership

RK Reeves & Associates, Inc. is thrilled to announce our newly formed partnership with Fleaux Solutions Inc.  For years our clients have trusted RK Reeves with numerous positions and services in the water and wastewater rehabilitation and engineering industry. Our clients will be delighted to learn of the new services RK Reeves will be offering as we partner with Fleaux Solutions. Fleaux Solutions was founded in Shreveport, Louisiana and is known for their high level of integrity and quality workmanship. Our team, along with Fleaux Solutions, will now be offering geopolymer manhole rehabilitation, UV cured internal point repairs and UV cured full wrap lateral repair. Our geopolymer manhole rehabilitation uses an innovative and industry leading cementitious geopolymer mixture. The sewer lateral repair process uses a high strength fiberglass material and the most advanced resin available. The material is cured with UV light in a matter of minutes. Our lateral repair process and materials are highly sought after in the United States and Europe. This patented technology far exceeds industry standards. We at RK Reeves would love to share with you a complete range of our available services and capabilities. We look forward to working with you, assisting with your environmental projects, and supporting you in your continued success.

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